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local counsel directoryAt Local Counsel, we realize the need for attorneys throughout the country to partner with lawyers in other states, so they can effectively pursue their client’s cases in jurisdictions where they are not licensed.

Our Local Counsel directory provides direct access to trial-tested attorneys who have served as lead counsel in states where other attorneys need local counsel they can trust to pursue results for their clients.

Local Counsel was founded to provide important relationships within state and federal legal communities from coast to coast to deliver not just partnerships, but the right legal alliances when and where our members need them.

What are the Benefits of Joining Local Counsel Directory?

At Local Counsel, we understand that establishing a reliable partnership with local state and federal attorneys can mean the difference between effectively navigating courtrooms across the country and failing to secure positive outcomes for out-of-state plaintiffs.

Whether you are an independent attorney, or a small or large law firm, local counsel referrals can be increasingly difficult to trust if you do not know where to look.

Members of Local Counsel are prescreened to ensure they have extensive logistical coordination and advice, courtroom experience in hearings and trials, and local jury selection that gives the co-counsel seeking their assistance confidence and an established home field advantage when entering out-of-state courtrooms.

The primary benefit of joining Local Counsel is being part of a legal community where your law firm can showcase its experience, skill, contacts, and knowledge of your state’s rules, statutes, procedures, and practices.

At Local Counsel, our members are more than just co-counsel, they provide meaningful participation from attorneys who are admitted to and in good standing with their state’s bar.

No matter your law firm’s legal discipline, becoming a member of Local Counsel will allow you to:

We know that out-of-state attorneys operate more effectively when they partner with local counsel that has proven relationships and statuses among their legal communities. We provide direct access to local counsel and the crucial legal resources necessary to be successful in a state where you are not licensed, so you can build your business using a single Local Counsel directory that produces trusted connections with legal communities in all 50 states.

Search for Local Counsel By Legal Specialty in All 50 States

With Local Counsel, attorneys across the nation can search for, locate, and partner with your law firm based on our where you are located, your legal focuses, credentials, case results, state and/or federal licenses, and bilingual or multilingual languages, when applicable.

Attorneys of all disciplines are displayed on Local Counsel, providing real-time access for lawyers just like you who are seeking out-of-state legal partnerships.

Local Counsel provides trusted partnerships and referrals for:

All attorneys who join Local Counsel are prescreened to ensure they are licensed and in good standing with their state’s bar, so they can dependably display their credentials with integrity to ensure they are the right match for other attorneys seeking local counsel in their areas.

Join Local Counsel today to put our directory to work for your law firm, so you can sign more cases or get more referral fees without doing the legwork yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Local Counsel Directory

In the highly competitive legal landscape, your online exposure and ability to be found by prospective clients is important to your bottom line. With Local Counsel Directory, our premier legal directory allows solo practitioners, partnerships, small law firms, and large attorney groups alike to list each of their attorney profiles and get found within seconds of a simple online search.

Our law firm directory recognizes and honors attorneys throughout the United States who have a proven track record of success and legal excellence by providing an online platform that enhances their exposure to increase client conversion rates.

Yes, covers legal professionals across the United States. We have a growing network of attorneys from various states and regions, ensuring that you can find local legal expertise no matter where you're located. strives to maintain a high standard of legal professionals on the platform. We assess lawyers based on their qualifications, experience, and client feedback.

No, is not a law firm. We are an online platform that connects individuals and businesses with independent legal professionals.


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