Local Counsel Disclosure

Local Counsel provides access to independent attorneys who are licensed and in good standing with their state bars and are available as out-of-state co-counsel or case referrals. Local Counsel is not a law firm or lawyer referral service, and cannot provide any advice, opinion, or recommendation about an individual, corporation, or entity’s legal rights in any state.

Local Counsel does not endorse or recommend any attorney who is a member of its paid directory. The terms and conditions of your local counsel relationship will be contained in the fee agreement or engagement letter provided between the legal parties.

Local Counsel provides general information related to the law and lawyers designed to help attorneys across the nation partner with legal experts in their field to serve as local counsel, either as co-counsel or on a referral basis.

Local Counsel provides several ways to identify and locate an attorney or other legal services, including advertisements for lawyers, a searchable directory of lawyers and law firms, or third-party legal referral systems.

Although we go to great lengths to screen local counsel attorneys in all 50 states, and ensure the information displayed on the Local Counsel Directory is accurate and useful, we recommend you form a professional opinion based on your own judgment and evaluation of the attorneys listed on the website, before solidifying a working relationship with an out-of-state law firm.

Local Counsel is only one source of information among the many sources that are available to you. You may wish to consider multiple sources to make an informed local counsel attorney selection decision.

Local Counsel will never refer you to a specific attorney or service. You are solely responsible for selecting an attorney with whom you plan to form a professional working relationship and determine whether the information you obtain through your use of Local Counsel is suitable for your purposes.

We do not endorse any attorney or legal service and make no representation, guarantee, or express or implied warranty as to the legal ability, competence, quality, or reliability of any legal services provided by Local Counsel directory members.